What Can Lead To Dual Mass Flywheel Failure

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We need to recognize one thing prior to figuring out what factors can lead to dual mass flywheel failure. That is dual mass flywheel will wear out as time goes on. You can consider to replace flywheel at approximately 160000 kilometers, but the replacement is depending upon your specific model.

Honestly speaking, dual mass flywheel proves to be more prone to failure than OEM one if you are careless. For instance, you can abuse a 2020 manual model, and now you can find the dual mass flywheel may be failed.

The key factor that can extend the life of dual mass flywheel is knowing what you should not do during everyday drive. The followings are things that can lead to dual mass flywheel failure.

Accelerate aggressively

The first thing is regarding flooring the vehicle from stop. Despite every vehicle is able to launch from stop, most of them can not withstand frequent aggressive acceleration. If flooring the vehicle on every single red light, you are applying excessive pressure on springs which link primary and secondary masses. In addition, clutch would suffer as well. If do this sufficient times, the death rattle will come.

Use higher gear than suggested

Usually, you slow down vehicle to 40 km/h, but you do not downshift to third gear. Using higher gears at low speed seems to be a good approach to apply unnecessary pressure on dual mass flywheel and springs. If you do this very often, vehicle service is highly recommended.

Tune the engine

Currently, the modern turbocharged engine has great potential for upgrades, notably the diesel engine with turbo. With simple ECU remap which can release more potential, it is quite normal to make gearbox failed sooner. Usually, the dual mass flywheel is the first to fail. Despite they both can deal with a little more torque than specification, the most of dual mass flywheels can not survive with aggressive remap. As a result, you should be extremely careful when tuning your engine.

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