How Can I Know If Flexplate Is Warped Or Not Part 2

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Step 4

Put vehicle into park and make an emergency brake. Raise vehicle up and put jack stands under both front and rear frame. Start engine and let it idle. Slide under vehicle with a stethoscope, and put it against the underside of bell housing. Noise form this area illustrates issue within flexplate or torque converter-flexplate combination.

Step 5

Put inspection cover on the underside of bell housing case. It looks like a half-moon piece of sheet steel, linked to bell housing with bolts. Use socket and wrench to remove bolts, and subsequently remove inspection cover. When engine is idling, use a light to observe flexplate and watch the rotation of the teeth end of the plate. Good flexplate doesn’t wobble. By comparison, warped flexplate wobbles around outside ring teeth, even though the warp is slight.

A very frequent reason for flexplate warpage is regarding wrong torque pressure and flexplate sequence. Although flexplate is old or reused, manufacturer’s specification require an exact torque pressure and tightening sequence. Over-torquing the flexplate stretches the metal, which can lead to high and low spots. By contrast, under-torquing can lead to premature separation, which can cause bolts to slam and break off, or jam teeth of flexplate into starter gear teeth.

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