Burnt-Out Clutch Part 1

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Sometimes, your vehicle can tell you something.

Let’s take the burnt-out clutch as an example.

In fact, the transmission and clutch is not on fire or burning.

There exists an issue within your vehicle, and it can not shift properly.

With research or suggestions from others, you may find the clutch burns out.

But what does “burn out” mean? These can not be real fire in transmission.

The truth is the clutch material wears off the clutch disc.

The disc can not grip against flywheel and the clutch is slipping.

Please think about clutch disc’s friction material.

The purpose of it is creating friction against a solid metal disc.

In clutch, the friction between clutch disc and flywheel can create a solid connection between engine and transmission to gain or maintain momentum.

How does this issue take place?

The reason can be excessive heat generated from the slipping clutch, or putrid smell of the slipping clutch disc against flywheel.

The material of clutch disc should be fragrant when heating up.

The material contains fiberglass strands, phenolic resin, Kevlar, metallic powder and even rubber compounds.

The friction material is designed to wear down very slowly through daily use.

Burnt-out clutch is commonly regarding the one which transforms from good to toast in short time.

There are couples of reason for that:

1. Sustained aggressive driving

2. “Riding” the clutch

3. Clutch disc contaminated by oil

4. Warped flywheel

Whether normal used or abnormal abused, burnt-out clutch should be repaired at once.

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