Some Tips Regarding Dual Mass Flywheel Replacement Part 1

· Dual Mass Flywheel

What can dual mass flywheel do?

Dual mass flywheel proves to be a wheel which has an integrated damper, which can prevent oscillations, vibrations and shocks from being transmitted to driveline when driving. Hence, dual mass flywheel can make driving more comfortable by making sure a more steady and smooth ride.

Compared with other types of flywheels,road noise is considerably decreased and gear shifting becomes much easier byusing dual mass flywheel. In addition, dual mass flywheel can impact fuel consumption of your vehicle, either, which can make your vehicle more eco-friendly. With so many advantages, many vehicles are recently equipped with dual mass flywheels.

Is it safe if I drive with a faulty dual mass flywheel?

We ZNDmotor highly recommend to visitmechanics at once. Despite it is likely to carry on driving at first when youfind dual mass flywheel failure, you still should not ignore the symptoms. Or, parts could be loose and enter transmission, in which they could cause damage.

Can dual mass flywheel be repaired or does it have to be replaced?

Repairing dual mass flywheel isimpossible. The only method is replacing the damaged parts with new ones. Spare components that are used are not good ideas as well, since exact condition cannot be seen from outside and effort needed to remove transmission could be duplicated.

In order to replace damaged dual mass flywheel, transmission has to be removed. The exact process varies depending upon the specific model and can be time-consuming depending upon the design.

How long does mechanic need to replace dual mass flywheel and clutch?

The time needed varies depending upon the specific model and workshop. However, it usually takes 3.5 to 7 hours on average to replace dual mass flywheel and clutch.

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