Some Tips Regarding Dual Mass Flywheel Replacement Part 2

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How much do I need to pay for replacing dual mass flywheel?

For this topic, we take UK market as anexample. On average, the cost for dual mass flywheel replacement in UK is about £750-1500. Of course, the total cost will be depending upon specific model, dual mass flywheel design and spare components producers. Unluckily, the cost for materials is relatively high, which can be £400-1200. ZNDmotor is a very famous producer of dual mass flywheel in China, providing superb products to UK.

The costs for removing damaged dual mass flywheel and installing a new one is relatively high, since transmission has to be removed. As a result, we ZNDmotor highly recommend to replace clutch, whichis a high-wear component as well, in the meanwhile.

Depending upon specific model, the extra cost for material can be around £100-400. In terms of time, 3.5-7 working hours are usually required. If the hourly rate is £70, the labor cost can be £250-500.

The following models may be usually faced with dual mass flywheel issues: Audi A4, Vauxhall Insignia, VW Caddy, VW Golf, VW Passat, Skoda Octavia, Ford Transit, Ford S Max, BMW 320 and BMW 1 Series. Thefollowing is an example regarding dual mass flywheel replacement cost, including a brand new clutch, for VW T5:

Money saving tips:

1. Replace dual mass flywheeland clutch together

As a result of their design, dual mass flywheel and clutch are installed next to each other. Both parts transfer rotary torque. They both are exposed to high loads and are subject to significant wear. Due to this reason, checking dual mass flywheel turns out to be some kinds of precautionary approach prior to clutch disc being repaired or replaced.

The time and effort needed to install abrand new clutch can be wasted if dual mass flywheel is not found damaged. The extra high cost should not be underestimate as well. So they both are worthy of being replaced at same time.

2. Get free quotes for dual mass flywheel replacement

The cost for dual mass flywheel replacement varies not only among vehicle models, but from city to city and workshop to workshop. The costs in some particular cities are usually higher than those in rest of UK, namely London, Manchester and Birmingham. As a result,we ZNDmotor highly recommend to compare price in your region at first, in orderto find the most appropriate one.

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