Engineering Behind Lightweight Flywheel

Part 7

Wrap Things Up

· Lightweight Flywheel


The three manufacturers I involved in thisblog have dedicated a lot of research and engineering to develop highperformance, highly capable flywheel for almost all applications. Hence, I ask each of them for some helpful tips and useful information for amateurs regarding selecting flywheel.

Z: If you intend to re-use the existing flywheel for a brand newclutch assembly, flywheel is recommended to be machined to a new tolerance. Thiscan eliminate imperfections on surface and make sure proper seating position in clutch assembly, finally protecting assembly and creating safeguard.

N: Chassis setup, power curve, gearing and tires are important thingsto take into consideration when selecting inertia properties. The goal ismaking powerful application more efficient, since it is not always about where the vehicle is driven.

D: One critical problem that amateurs may ignore is making surefriction area is clean of debris, greases or oil prior to installing flywheel. Cleaningthis surface before installation is superb for proper clutch engagement and lifespan.

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