Symptoms Of Low Clutch Fluid

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Have clutch issues?

Despite symptoms seem to be on clutch disc, maybe it is too early to replace it.

However do you know low clutch fluid can be the root cause? Actually, if clutch fluid is low, this can cause extra damage and repair. That is reason why it is vital to figure out why clutch is not working properly.

The following is some information regarding symptoms of low clutch fluid and how you can deal with them.

Soft clutch pedal

When you press the clutch pedal, it should be smooth and springy. But if the clutch pedal is soft, this indicates clutch fluid is low. This is because of air in clutch line from master cylinder to slave cylinder. Compared with clutch fluid, air compresses at a different rate, which gives you unstable feeling when pressing the clutch pedal.

Air should be exhausted and fluid should be filled up.

Resistance in gearshifting process

Is it difficult to push gearshift lever into next gear when changing gears? People may think it is the synchros, but in fact, it is low clutch fluid.

If clutch fluid is low, it can not generate sufficient hydraulic pressure to thoroughly move slave cylinder. So clutch can not fully disengage from flywheel, which lead to the difficulty to find the next gear.

Just fill up fluid.

Bumping when shifting gears

Shift manual transmission up or down. When you release the clutch, does it bumping and shaking?

You can also find that the clutch does not disengage until clutch pedal is at the floor.

You may think the clutch is burnt out, however it is just low clutch fluid. Actually it is due to less clutch fluid flowing through hydraulic line, which lead to the failure to generate full movement.

Just fill up fluid

Grinding gears

If clutch fluid is very low, you can be unlikely to change gears. Even the most experienced manual vehicle driver can hear the sound of grinding gears. In such circumstance, pressing clutch pedal hardly move the slave cylinder and clutch is still engaged with flywheel. This can lead to clutch disc damage.

How to fill up clutch fluid

It is very EASY !!!

Just locate reservoir near firewall, remove the cap and add fluid from a sealed container.

Please MATCH clutch fluid with manual’s requirements.

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