What Is A Dual Clutch Transmission

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We sometimes find a term associated with high-performance cars, notably turbocharged compact vehicles and luxury cars: dual clutch transmission.

Apparently, dual clutch transmission is a good thing for these cars.

However, what is dual clutch transmission and how does it work? Besides, is it better than traditional automatic transmission and is it costly?

The following is some information you may be concerned with regarding dual clutch transmission.

How does dual clutch transmission work?

The main aim of dual clutch transmission is shifting faster, which provide drivers with better performance and acceleration.

Single clutch is only fast in automatic transmission. However what is going to take place if next gear is ready, whether it needs to shift up or down?

A two-piece transmission shaft is centered within dual clutch transmission, which is vital and essential for dual clutch transmission to work.

Even-numbered gears operate on one part of shaft while odd-numbered gears do on second part. Each section of shaft has its own clutch.

With the second clutch, no matter which gear you are in, the next gear is always ready to go up or down.

For instance, if you are in third gear with clutch number 2, the second and fourth gear are both ready with clutch number 1.

However, how is dual clutch transmission faster?

For single clutch, it must disengage the current gear firstly, and then shift to next gear up or down.

But for dual clutch, the time for shifting process is only half or less, since gear is always ready. One clutch just needs to disengage and the other one engages.

Is dual clutch transmission better than traditional one?

Every kind of transmission has its unique purpose.

For those manual vehicle drivers, manual transmission can not be replaced, since it proves to be the connection between car and driver.

For other drivers, the extra performance dual clutch transmission can provide does not seem to be important.

To the contrary, soft and comfortable gear shifting is preferred. At this point, traditional automatic transmission turns out to be competent.

Among performance vehicle drivers, dual clutch transmission enjoys more popularity, since they are able to change gears faster than manual car drivers or drivers using traditional automatic transmission.

What does it cost to install dual clutch transmission?

Dual clutch transmission is very durable. And you seldom find dual clutch transmission needs to be repaired.

The reason is that it is costly to repair. In the meanwhile, most of dual clutch transmission are not serviceable, which means you can not rebuild dual clutch transmission like traditional automatic transmission, and a new one should be purchased and installed.

If you intend to replace dual clutch transmission, please prepare $4000 or more. But you can keep repair through regular service.

Please make sure you can change the fluid in your dual clutch transmission at or before the service date to make it last as long as possible.

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