Engineering Behind Lightweight Flywheel

Part 5

Maintenance: Resurface Or Replace?

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Sometimes, we have to replace the clutchassembly in our cars. With some particular factory applications, OEM flywheelcan be reused by being resurfaced, which can create a new layer of friction material for clutch assembly and finally avoid the higher replacement cost. However, among various aftermarket flywheel choices, this is not always the only method, since it varies depending upon applications. So, what is the best option for reliability?

Z: It is likely to resurface flywheel in most cases. But, if flywheelis produced for an ultra lightweight application, resurfacing is notrecommended any more. When clutch assembly starts to wear and needs replacement, flywheel’s friction surface in clutch assembly is usually resurfaced, rather than being replaced.

N: All flywheel applications can be either machined or rebuilt byreplacing a removable friction surface. Many aluminum flywheel options and someparticular steel flywheels have a replaceable friction surface. In addition, on manufacturing side, they heat press, fasten, and in some certain applications, even weld ring gears to flywheels. In most cases, ring gear can also be replaced after starter damage or failure, without driver having to buy a completely new unit.

D: Both kinds of flywheel can be purchased on market. The two majorkinds are those with a replaceable friction surface which allows for easyreplacement and rebuilding, and those which are more conventional having a friction area that can be resurfaced within factory specifications. All of aluminum flywheels have a hardened steel friction surface, which is designed to be replaced, instead of being resurfaced. This design provides you an nearly infinite lifespan of flywheel, which allows it to be rebuilt lots of times without changing dimensional features needed for correct clutch operation. They also offer steel flywheels which do not have replaceable friction surface. These flywheels would be resurfaced like conventional flywheels and need replacement if surface gets to its minimum tolerance.

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