Engineering Behind Lightweight Flywheel

Part 6

Find Perfect Balance

· Lightweight Flywheel


In terms of flywheel choices, more specifically, lightweight flywheel, many amateurs are worried about problems related with them. We have all heard clutch chatter, balancing problems and possible damage caused to driveline parts. Clutch assembly balancing is critical to its ability to operate properly, and it all begins with balanced flywheel. The question is, do amateurs have to balance the components themselves?

Z: Whether it is a lightweight or neutral weighted flywheel, it mustbe balanced. If flywheel and clutch assembly are not balanced, noise, vibrationand harshness levels will considerably increase, and will inevitably cause extreme damage to engine, transmission or driveline. Balancing the entire assembly as a whole is recommended after verifying flywheel’s tolerance level. Of course, this is after flywheel has been balanced as well.

N: flywheels are balanced precisely before shipment, as well asbalance-checked after being matched to clutch assembly, which is balanced after production as well. Flywheel balancing is significant for rotational integrity, safety and drivability. Flywheel that is imbalanced and is not in allowable tolerance can destroy engine bearings and other driveline parts.

D: Balancing flywheel and clutch assembly together is highlyrecommended prior to installing them into vehicle. The majority of flywheelsthey produce are designed as a neutral, or as close-to-zero balance as possible. And they are independently balanced to make sure that they meet the criteria set for proper balance weight and are in allowable tolerance. Problems can still take place if two pieces are not balanced together, which can lead to small issues like vibrations or chatter, or larger problems like crank bearing wear, seal wear or even worse. If problem is not solved, it could cause serious damage to the entire driveline depending upon the seriousness of imbalance.

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