3 Things About Clutch You May Be Concered With

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How many kilometers can a clutch last?

It is generally believed that a clutch can last between 70000 and 160000 kms.

This is also depending upon your driving habit and your vehicle’s load.

If you drive to zip up and down the freeway with few gear changes, the clutch will definitely last longer. However, if your vehicle always carries heavy loads in city traffic, I suppose you should know what will take place regarding your clutch.

Can I drive with a broken clutch?

Yes, kind of. But this is unwise and not recommended.

However, if you do need to and the situation is emergent, there exists an approach.

At the very beginning, please ensure there is plenty of space in front of you.

Engage the first gear, release handbrake and foot brake, and try to start the engine.

Your car will start to roll forward and a couple of attempts are needed until engine fires and your off in first gear.

When your vehicle is moving, you can even try to change gears if needed.

Get the revs up to beyond the point at which you would push the clutch in for gear changing, subsequently slightly back off on accelerator and push gearstick into next shift position.

Do I need to replace flywheel and clutch simultaneously?

The symptoms of a bad flywheel are similar to those of clutch, namely vibration, smell and difficult gear changing.

You do not need to replace flywheel and clutch at same time. However, actually, this is still a good idea.

Another choice is machining the flywheel in order to make surface clean and flat, so that the clutch disc can operate in a smooth and correct way.

The good news is machining or replacing flywheel will not increase the labor cost, since after removing the clutch, the mechanic can access to the flywheel.

If your vehicle is experiencing clutch issue, why not to talk with us? ZNDmotor is always ready to help !!!

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