Reducing Rotating Mass

Lightweight Flywheel And Clutch Unleash More Power

Part 2

· Lightweight Flywheel

For daily vehicles, lightweight flywheel proves to be too light. In addition to hard engagement and vibration, lightweight flywheel can lead to check engine light, hinder smooth idle and a circumstance in which excessive RPM is required to accelerate the vehicle. For racing vehicles, however, drivers can operate at the top of RPM range in upper gears, the lighter, the better.

With regard to momentum vehicles which do not make lots of horsepower, single-disc setups can match lightweight flywheels. For faster models, selecting flywheel and clutch setup is depending upon horsepower. If you have enough power that the clamping load of pressure plate is high and it is like an on-off switch, dual-disc setup could be better.

Power that vehicle has proves to be the most important thing for matching flywheel with clutch. Hence the method of designing it to a specific material doesn’t matter. The material for flywheel’s friction surface is designed to mate up with anything from an organic OEM style clutch to a ceramic to a Kevlar to a sintered iron. All of these can work without any problems. Your driving style really matters prior to picking a clutch.

Dual-disc setup has more surface area. Thus clamping force is not needed too much. For most instances with twin disc, however, its power capabilities is over what the vehicle can produce, hence it proves to be unnecessary.

We ZNDmotor mills flywheels from 6061-T6 aluminum with 1050 heat-treated and flattened steel for friction surface through CNC. The friction surface can be replaced by unbolting it from the aluminum portion and then bolting a new one with new self-locking fasteners.

The flywheel can spin up to 150% of vehicle’s RPM. Hence on average, flywheel will spin up to approximately 10000 RPM to ensure it will not burst and come apart at higher RPM. Some particular vehicles can spin up to 15000 RPM, the average, however, proves to be around 11000 RPM. Thus you can know they will not come apart in the middle of the race.

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