How To Select Appropriate Flywheel Part 3

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Billet aluminum flywheel

Billet aluminum is formed through continuous casting or hot rolling. And billet aluminum flywheel is machined from blank as well.

Aluminum is not hard enough to withstand clutch disc’s friction.

In order to solve this issue, a replaceable heat-treated steel friction insert is installed to flywheel by screws or rivets. However, the riveted ones must be sent back to manufacturer to resurface.

In addition, many billet aluminum flywheels use mechanically retained steel starter ring gear, since metals’ expansion rate is different.

Hence billet aluminum flywheel is a superb choice for some circumstances, namely road racing, circle track, drag cars and even street cars in some particular conditions.

Chromoly flywheel

Chromoly proves to be a kind of alloy steel, and the name comes from its two main alloying elements: chromium and molybdenum.

These elements are mixed in liquid form, and then cooled. After completing the annealing process, the steel is melted once again, so that it can be poured into specific form and worked through rollers to achieve needed thickness.

Chromoly is slightly heavier than aluminum. The final product can be machined thinner without affecting durability, since the strength is increased.

Ring gear proves to be an integral component of chromoly flywheel, which makes it as strong as flywheel.

This kind of flywheel feels like billet aluminum or lightweight billet steel flywheel, which can provide improved engine response, since inertia is reduced.

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