Engineering Behind Lightweight Flywheel

Part 1

What Is My Goal?

· Lightweight Flywheel

When any types of high performanceapplications are related, the performance of vehicle’s OEM clutch assemblyneeds to be assessed. And for clutch assembly, one vitally important part of it is usually ignored. This part is flywheel.

When you buy a brand new clutch assembly,you may find that flywheel is not included in many aftermarket assemblies. Thereis a reason for this. Like other daily wear and tear components, flywheel is not a “one-size fits all” kind of part. Every entity produces flywheel for various applications, power outputs and overall drivability.

With many options on market recently, itcould be difficult to select the right one for specific application. In thisblog, I am going to introduce three industry leading clutch and flywheel producers from China by a Q&A session to eliminate guesswork, namely Z, N, and D.


Despite flywheel is not a complex part tounderstand, choosing the most appropriate flywheel for specific application isstill a mystery for many amateurs. When selecting flywheel, the final decision is always depending upon the purpose of your car and the amount of engine’s power.

As mentioned above, flywheel proves to bespecific part which must match correct clutch assembly for the application. Everyproducer has their special flywheel creating procedure. For instance, some producers use various materials to produce flywheel options, or even different lightweight flywheel design styles.

My goal for this Q&A session isdiscussing many FAQ about flywheel and helping amateurs to get better understandingof engineering behind it. Whether you are looking for flywheel for drag race, off-road, road race or just daily drive, I am going to help you to make the right decision by discussing different materials and producing procedures.

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