Dual Mass Flywheel Repair Options Part 2

· Dual Mass Flywheel

There remain another choice which can be afforded by most of people. One-piece solid flywheel is a great substitute for dual mass flywheel, which requires different clutch and clutch disc. For most instances, you can save hundreds by getting a brand new flywheel and clutch, instead of another dual mass flywheel.

When one-piece solid flywheel replacement kits were first introduced for Ford and GM dual mass flywheel at early times, some certain people supposed the kits could lead to more issues than they could resolve. From their viewpoint, solid flywheel could not provide sufficient dampening to protect gears in transmission from shock loading, in the meanwhile, could make transmission fail. However, this never took place. With a slightly larger clutch which is 2.5 cm larger than that of dual mass flywheel and has redesigned hub springs in clutch disc, solid flywheel replacement kits can work properly in these applications and can not lead to harm to transmission.

In terms of racing or high performance vehicles, similar kits have been introduced for some particular applications, such as Corvette, Porsche and BMW. There are one-piece solid flywheels which have stronger clutches and high performance or ceramic clutch discs. However, there exist some lightweight racing dual mass flywheels for Porsche and BMW.

Actually, the replacement of dual mass flywheel entails extra work which is depending upon the specific application. In some particular vehicles, engine is externally balanced with flywheel. In such circumstance, dual mass flywheel replacement needs to be match balanced to the engine. Heavy metal plugs can be inserted into holes on flywheel to change the balance. Please pay attention to the location of balance weights on the original flywheel. Subsequently, duplicate weights should be installed in the same position on the flywheel replacement. If the engine can not idle or run smoothly like before, you ought to move the weights until the vibration is eliminated.

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