Can I Drive With A Busted Clutch?

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There exist a wide variety of vehicle issues, including a busted or worn out clutch.

In terms of clutch issues, they are depending upon seriousness. Sometimes you can still drive with a bad clutch for a while, but in other circumstances, you must replace it at once.

Slipping clutch

Can I drive with a slipping clutch?

Well, how to say, because there remain different concepts about “slipping”.

Generally speaking, clutch often begins slipping in first gear on acceleration, and usually under moderate and hard acceleration.

That is when clutch disc cannot sustain the engine torque in low gear, but it would be fine when in high gear or on light acceleration.

You can still drive with it a couple of days or even weeks when clutch just begins slipping.

However, if clutch starts to slip when you are driving in higher gears, which means gear three or up, it is time for replacement.

It doesn’t have sufficient staying power from friction material to make you move far.

Do not hesitate, just fix it.

Grinding gears

Grinding gears is common for manual vehicle.

Pressure plate, thrust bearing, or clutch isn’t fully released can lead to clutch disc remaining engaged with flywheel.

When this takes place, the transmission input shaft is still spinning, which is too fast to make shifter engage the gear quickly with less noise.

If grinding gears is occasional when you shift, you should fix it.

But if you can hardly pull the shifter into gear even with two hands, please fix it immediately.

Gears are not engage

Some particular issues can lead to transmission not engaging into gear at all.

The issues may be busted clutch disc, failed thrust/throw-out bearing, leaking slave cylinder or master cylinder, or pressure plate’s broken fingers.

If you are unable to engage into gear, that means your clutch is busted.

At this point, just fix it.

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