September 22, 2017

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Zndmotor has over 15 years experience in the flywheel manufacture and design. Currently, we supply all of range flywheel type such as Commercial car flywheel, Heavy duty flywheel, Agriculture&Industry Flywheel, Performance Flywheel, Lightweight Flywheel and any other casting or forging type flywheel. 

Our Flywheels are tested by Dynamic Balance machine to guarantee it works well and doesn't cause any noise or shake.

100% CNC process and the perfect package will make the user happy when they get the products.

As a special factory, we keep the lowest MOQ to reduce the risk and financial pressure of our customers. And we always try our best to design the new type to meet any requirement if necessary. 


Flexplate&ring gear


Zndmotor started the Flexplate manufacture in 2007 for the domestic trading company. Because of the good quality and reasonable price in the market, more and more customers find us. We service the ATP-INC over 5 years until they closed. Now most of the flexplate ship to North&South America. We have over 50 kinds models and all of them are control the perfect runout which is important for a flexplate. 

We have our own CNC welding machine which can finish 1000pcs welding per day.

Ring Gear, it is a replacement part for the flywheel or flexplate. Zndmotor supply over 300,000 pcs ring gear per year which  cover dia. 100mm-500mm.





Clutch Parts is one of the main product lines for Zndmotor. We began this product 5 years ago because more and more our customers asked the clutch parts together with our flywheel. Thanks for customers trust, in the past years, we set up cooperation with 10 clutch factories. All of them passed TS16949 certification and have OEM capacity. 

Clutch will send to our factory for the quality test in house then send to our customers.

Our cooperation factories can meet different price level and quality level requirements. That's one of reasons that customer like buy from our but not directly from the factory. We keep a reasonable profit to supply the better goods and service to our customers as possible. 




Valeo offers the 4p Clutch Kits first in Europe. They re-design the rigid flywheel(dual mass flywheel conversion) and the clutch( fit dual mass flywheel), make them fixing well. But they keep a high price about this.


Following the development of the Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) by European car manufacturers and the subsequent demands from our customers, Zndmotor considers supplying the whole 4p kits to make customers happy. We buy a range of Valeo 4p kits and copy/test with our partner. At the end of 2016, we began to sell!


Zndmotor 4P Clutch Kits contains:
- Rigid Flywheel  (Dual mass flywheel replacement) 
- Long Travel Damper  Clutch Disc 
- Clutch Cover Assembly 
- Release Bearing
- Screws and Fitting Bolts





Zndmotor began to process the racing flywheel( lightweight, Chromoly flywheel) in 2009.

Our racing flywheel based on the SAE1045 or SAE4135 or 6061T with CNC and CNC milling. The flywheel and ring gear are one piece to guarantee the performance driving. 


In 2010, we began to supply the fixed clutch for our racing flywheel. All of the clutch are high clamp load, we redesign the casting and steel parts of the clutch to make it work well.


In 2015, we began to supply the camshaft such as RB20. SR20 and so on.


Now, the brand we can offer:


Nissan( 350Z, 370Z, RB20-25-30, SR20DET, etc)

Honda( B16/D16/H, K20, S2000, Acura Integra, etc)

Mitsubishi Serious

Mazda MX5 Serious

Subaru 5/6 Speed Serious

Toyota Serious 

Vauxhall Serious