September 22, 2017

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UD NE6T 123110-96102  
UD NE6T/CK12   380MM  145T  15MM  9H
UD PKD   380MM  145T  17MM
UD PE6TA   380MM 145T 110MM
UD PE6TA   380MM 145T 
UD RF8 12310-97619 430MM 140T 10H  16.5MM
UD RE8   430MM 140T 9H
UD PE6T   430MM 153T 9H  17MM
UD PE6AT 12311-90228 430MM  153T   9H  16.5MM  22MM
UD PE6T   430MM 153T 10H
UD RD8   410MM 140T
UD PE6(16)   410MM  153T  
UD PF6   430MM  153T  10H  17MM  22MM
UD PF6   380MM  145T  6H  16.5MM 
UD FE6 12310-Z5705 350MM   129T   6H  17MM  12MM
UD FE6 12310-Z3026 325MM  129T   6H   16.5MM  12MM

Japanese Truck Nissan UD Flywheel

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