September 22, 2017

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ISUZU 51Q 1-12331425-0 430MM  139T  10H  19MM
ISUZU 51Y 1-12331418-0  430MM 139T  10H  19MM
ISUZU 4BC2   260MM 128T
ISUZU 4B41   275MM 128T
ISUZU 4BD1  4BD2 8-94343053-2 300MM 128T  6H  14.5MM 
ISUZU 4BE1   280MM  128T
ISUZU NPR   300MM 128T
ISUZU 4HE1(NQR) 8-97166516-0 325MM  129T
ISUZU 4HF1  (NPR) 8-970463660 300MM 138T
ISUZU 4HF1 8-97115782-0/1 300MM 138T   8H  16.5MM 
ISUZU 4HG1  (NQR)   325MM  128T  6H  15MM
ISUZU 4HK1 8-97326227-2 325MM    138T  8H  16.5MM  15MM
ISUZU 4HK1 8-97326227-0 350MM 143T
ISUZU 4JB1    
ISUZU 6BD1   325MM  129T  6H 17MM
ISUZU 6BD1   350MM    6H  17MM
ISUZU 6BG1   325MM 129T
ISUZU 6BG1 1-12331164 350MM 129T
ISUZU 6BG1   350MM 140T
ISUZU 6BG1   300MM 129T
ISUZU 6HE1 8-94399067 350MM 129T
ISUZU 6HE1   325MM 129T
ISUZU 6HE1   380MM 140T
ISUZU 6SA1 1-12331388-0 380MM 140T
ISUZU 6SA1 1-12331162-0 380MM 140T
ISUZU 6SA1电喷   380MM 140T
ISUZU 6HK1 8-94395450 380MM 140T 45H 
ISUZU 6HK1 8-94395450-2 380MM 140T 56H 
ISUZU 6HK1 8-97602463-0 380MM  140T  8H  16.5MM
ISUZU 6HK1 8-97601269-0 380MM  140T  8H  16.5MM
ISUZU 6SD1   380MM  140T
ISUZU 6SD1   430MM 160T
ISUZU 6SD1   430MM 139T  16.5mm
ISUZU 6HH1 8-94395519 350MM 140T
ISUZU 6HH1 8-94390131 350MM 129T
ISUZU 6RB1 1-12331127 430MM 139T 
ISUZU 6RB1   430MM 139T 
ISUZU NQR   325MM 138T
ISUZU 6WAL 1-12330400 430MM 139T
ISUZU 6WF1 1-12331403-0 430MM 139T  10H  19MM

Japanese Truck Isuzu Flywhee 4HK1

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