September 22, 2017

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We also Supply:

FUSO 4M40   260MM 120T
FUSO 4D30   260MM 110T 6H 13MM
FUSO 4D31(4D32)   275MM 110T
FUSO 4D31(4D32)   275MM 110T
FUSO 4D31 ME431275 280MM 110T  13MM
FUSO 4D34 ME012532 300MM 114T  14MM 15MM
FUSO 4D35 ME012549 300MM  114T
FUSO 4D34 ME012551 250MM 114T  14MM  15MM
FUSO 4JJ1   300MM  138T  13.5MM
FUSO 4JH1 8944196020 300MM 122T  13MM
FUSO 4M40   260MM  120T
FUSO 6D14 ME032692 325MM 129T 14.5MM
FUSO 6D14   325MM 129T 16.5MM
FUSO 6D15   330MM  129T  6H 15MM
FUSO 6D15   330MM  129T  6H 17MM
FUSO 6D16   350MM  129T   14.5MM
FUSO 6D16 ME072102 350MM 129T      14MM
FUSO 6D16 ME072295 380MM  139T   14.5MM
FUSO 6D163AT   380MM  129T
FUSO 6D31   325MM 129T 14.5MM (36MM)
FUSO 6D31   325MM 129T 16.5MM (36MM)
FUSO 6D14T   350MM 129T 14.5MM
FUSO 6D14-2AT ME072248 350MM 129T 16.5MM
FUSO 6D14-3AT   380MM 129T
FUSO 6D14-3AT   380MM 129T 45H 
FUSO 6D14-3AT   380MM 129T 56H 
FUSO 6D14-3AT ME072139 380MM 139T
FUSO 6D14-3AT ME072129 380MM 139T 
FUSO 6D17(WF-9)   350MM  129T  14MM 15MM
FUSO 6D17   380MM  139T  14MM  17MM
FUSO 6D22   430MM 143T  17MM  19MM
FUSO 6D22   430MM 143T   17MM
FUSO 6M70   430MM  143T
FUSO 8DC9H ME0062820 430MM 143T
FUSO 8DC9L ME0062830 430MM 143T
FUSO 8DC91AH   430MM 143T

Japanese Truck Fuso Flywheel 6D22 oem ME052658

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